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WEN DF475 4750 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

If you’re shopping for a quality, dependable dual fuel generator that won’t break the bank, we have just the genset for you. In this WEN DF475 dual fuel generator review, we’ll take a good look at this particular portable generator in depth and compare it to other similar models. WEN definitely has an impressive lineup of generators to choose from, and they’re all designed and built with quality and durability in mind. The WEN DF 475 is no exception, and this impressive dual fuel generator is a popular one due to its full line of features and quality craftsmanship.

Where Are WEN Generators Made?

Although the WEN company, (who started out in 1951 designing and supplying tools and equipment), is based the USA, most of their products are built in China. However, while this product is assembled in China, it was designed and engineered by the USA – so the quality is definitely there. And, this can be backed up by the wealth of excellent reviews from buyers who have purchased and used WEN dual fuel generators in the past.

wen 4750 watt portable generator

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WEN Generator 4750 – Review of Specs and Features

In our mind, the WEN 4750 dual fuel generator is perfect for emergencies, camping or the off grid worksite. With a dual fuel supply system, the WEN 4750 has the ability to run up to 11 hours at half load (4 gallon tank) and an additional 7 hours when switched to propane (20 gal tank). This is perfect for emergency situations when gasoline isn’t readily available. There is a slight dip in running wattage when running on propane compared to gasoline (3800 running watts on gasoline, 3500 running watts on propane) as well as surge watts (4750 surge watts gasoline, 4350 surge watts propane). However, these differences are minimal compared to the benefits of having a dual fuel system provides.

The WEN DF4750 is also equipped with an electric start, which can easily fire up the 224cc 4 stroke OHV engine. Even though the engine isn’t a well-known brand, (eg. Briggs and Stratton, Honda, etc), this Chinese made powerplant has stood the test of time and proves to be a real solid runner with minimal issues. Other features include; Easy selector fuel switch, 12V DC outlet, two 120V 20A outlets, 120V to 240V voltage selector and a 120V/240V 30A outlet. This genset is loaded with great features that make it perfect for tailgating, camping, emergency backup or the travel trailer.

wen generator 4750 specs

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WEN DF475 Specifications

  • Dual Fuel (Propane, Gasoline)
  • Easy Selector Fuel Switch
  • Electric Start
  • 12V DC Outlet
  • Two 120V 20A Outlets
  • 120V to 240V Selector
  • One 120V/240V 30A Outlet
  • 224 CC OHV 4 Stroke Engine
  • 4 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • 11hrs Run Time on Gas/7hrs Run Time on LPG (20 gal tank)
  • 47 Inch LGP Hose Included
  • CARB & EPAIII compliant
  • 2 Year Nationwide Warranty

Pros and Cons of the WEN Model # DF475 Dual Fuel Generator

The WEN DF475 certainly has a lot going for it – more than most other dual fuel generators within the same price range. Obviously, the biggest asset of the WEN 4750 is the fact that it runs on gasoline and LPG propane. This is perfect for emergency situations, as it can run up to 18 hours on both sources at half load. The other main asset of the WEN DF475 is its ability to switch from 120V to 240V with a flick of a switch. This is very handy when the requirement for two different voltage supplies is needed. Essentially, this dual fuel genset can be used anywhere in the world!

Some cons of the WEN 4750 watt is where it’s made. While we assumed it was made in the USA (as WEN is an established American company), the truth is this generator is manufactured in China. However, this hasn’t had a big effect on the overall quality or operation of the unit compared to other manufacturers such as Generac or Champion.

wen dual fuel generator reviews

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  • Kit includes; Tools, oil funnel and electrical adapters.
  • Very quiet operation, even compared to higher priced models.
  • Value priced at $400-450.
  • Excellent overall customer reviews (4.3/5.0 Stars)
  • Dual Fuel Operation.
  • Excellent after sales support.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Powerful enough to run larger appliances simultaneously.


  • Made in China.
  • A few reports of shipping damage.

Overall, the WEN generator 4750 is a reliable dual fuel performer, with a wealth of raving reviews and testimonials to back up just how great this genset is. From super quiet operation to hour upon hours of worry-free operation, the WEN DF475 is one heck of a beast for the money.

wen df475 tool kit

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Is The WEN Dual Fuel Generator a Good Value?

The WEN DF 475 is one of the most reliable, quietest and affordable dual fuel generators available in its class. With a price range of just $400-450, the WEN 4750 dual fuel is certainly a good value for all the benefits and features you’ll get with this genset. Overall, this portable generator is perfect for any situation – quiet enough for camping or the RV, and powerful enough to use as a home backup generator.

The WEN DF475 is a quality, versatile unit that has been tried and tested by owners from all over the country, and used in a variety of situations. It’s reliable and powerful enough for emergencies and perfect for the job site or tailgate party. For a dual fuel generator with that has so much going for it, it’s safe to say that the overall consensus and review for the WEN DF475 dual fuel generator is an overwhelming “two thumbs up!”

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  1. I bought a Wen 4750 generator for the hurricane Maria’s emergency. Since that day I have been using it in every emergency in Puerto Rico. I used it for long hours during the emergency, some nights of 12 consecutive hours and very effectively ! I surely recommend this product.


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