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Polaris P3000iE 3000 Watt Inverter Generator Review

We are living in dynamic world due to a rapidly changing environment where having backup power is crucial. Because of this, having a portable generator is absolutely essential for maintaining your home, business and quality of life in the event of main grid power loss. In this review, we’ll have a look at the Polaris P3000iE inverter generator and study the pros and cons and overall performance compared to other 3000 watt portable inverter generators in this category.

polaris p3000ie generator comparison

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For higher output needs such as standby during a storm outage, the Polaris P3000iE 3000 watt generator is capable of handling almost all power requirements, while also being light, compact and efficient. It features an electric key start with recoil backup, ergonomic design handles and caster style wheels making it ideal to move to any location. Its locking wheels and rugged handles make transportation simple. The P3000iE is easy to operate and transport, weighing just 125.6 pounds.

To those who value peace and quiet, the Polaris P3000iE is almost as quiet as a normal conversation, producing a mere 55 decibels at 25% load. The Polaris P3000iE also has a smart economy throttle feature, allowing electricity to be generated without using a lot of fuel when your power requirements fluctuate.

Polaris P3000iE 3000 Watt Review of Main Features

The Polaris P3000iE is a gas powered digital inverter generator capable of producing 3000 watts maximum AC output and 2800 rated watts, it has enough power to handle most all indoor and outdoor power needs, and offers a 30 amp outlet for higher output needs, perfect for use a a backup generator for the home or for the travel trailer/RV. With its standard economy throttle switch ensuring fuel efficiency on a gallon of gas, it provides over 21 hours of run time on a tank of gasoline (3.43 Gallons) at 25% load (700Watts). The P3000iE also has a convenient electric start for ease of use and minimal effort.

polaris p3000ie inverter generator features

This four-stroke, air-cooled, single OHC engine is CSA Group certified, meets EPA and CARB emissions standards, and features US Forest Service-approved spark arrestors. The best generators come with a three year warranty – the Polaris is one of them as it comes with a class-leading three-year parts and labor warranty.


• 120V AC output maximum 3000 watts, 2800 watts rated output.
• 12 volt DC output.
• Smart throttle.
• Two (2) 5-20R UL certified AC outlets, one (1) 30A twist-lock UL certified outlet.
• 21 hrs Runtime on a full tank @ 25% rated load.
• 4-stroke air cooled OHC engine , 196cc displacement.
• AC circuit breaker with engine running reset.
• Runs on unleaded gasoline.
• Lock and ride handles.
• no-flat rubber insulated wheels.
• Fuel on / off valve.
• Includes DC charging cord.

Package includes a quick start guide, owner’s manual, oil fill bottle and tube, DC battery charge, spare spark plug, spark plug wrench, hex wrench, service foor key, starting key, and a wheel kit.

Extremely simple to operate, the unique feature of the Polaris P3000iE is its standard electric start (with battery included) plus recoil back up. It also features a dual 120 volt AC outlet plus a 120 volt 30 Amp twist lock outlet with circuit breaker protection that is resettable at the same time as the engine is running along with a fused 12 volt DC outlet and charging cord. The Polaris P3000iE also features a low oil sensor to stop and protect the engine from mechanical damage and expense on the occasion of low oil.

Pros and Cons of the Polaris P3000iE Inverter Generator

• Convenient electric start.
• Electric Start with Recoil Back-up.
• Economy Throttle Switch.
• AC & DC Simultaneous Usage.
• Low Oil Warning Light and Auto Shut Down.
• Paraller connecton ports (kit not included).
• Comes with a class-leading 3-year Parts and Labor Warranty .
• EPA and CARB Certified Emissions Compliant .

• A few quality issues reported, but customer service and warranty took care of issues.
• 1 U.S. quart of oil is required but sold separately.
• Pricier than conventional 3000 watt generators.

Is the Polaris P3000iE a Good Value?

The Polaris P3000iE costs between $1599 to $1799, not as expensive as some but a little more than others, yet is powerful, dependable generator and a good investment. However, cost alone should not be the deciding factor. The Polaris P1300iE can provide protection against voltage fluctuations in the power grid to protect sensitive computers and other equipment from unexpected failure.Further, the Polaris P3000iE can be depended on to provide continuous electricity throughout the day with excellent fuel savings compared with other conventional portable generators. The Polaris P3000iE will not only keep the essentials running but keep a wider variety of appliances and equipment running simultaneously.

polaris p3000ie for camping rv

In times of emergencies, hurricanes and other natural disasters, the Polaris P3000iE can be the difference between life and death, eating or starving, staying cool or freezing. The P3000iE can be relied on to provide all your power needs until the main power comes back on.

The Polaris P3000iE is not only good for emergency backup power, its powerful enough to power up your tailgate party, job site or outside business as well. While the Polaris P3000iE inverter generator is quite new to the scene of portable power, it still should not be overlooked amongst its more well known competitors. Is the Polaris 3000 watt inverter generator a good value? When looking at overall performance, dependability and price, we certainly think so.

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