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Jackery Explorer 500 Review – Perfect Portable Solar Power Generator

Solar power generators have come a long way in the past few years – with a lower price tag and greater dependability, they’re hard to beat for those looking for clean, portable power. In this Jackery Explorer 500 review, we’ll have a close look at what makes this solar generator so versatile and loved by so many. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, off-gridder or just looking for a simple, convenient way to power up the small essentials in an emergency, the Jackery 500 might be just what you’re looking for.

The first thing that stands out about the Jackery Portable Power Station, is the fact that it’s powered by lithium-Ion batteries – and not just any run-of-the-mill lithium batteries that offer substandard life and performance. The batteries in this solar generator are designed and engineered to last. In fact, Jackery has been chosen by Honda to produce their own line of lithium battery mobile power stations. This goes to show how dependable and robust the Jackery solar generator is – Honda did its due diligence by partnering up with company who offers a top-quality line of power producing products.

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How Long Does the Jackery 500 Last?

This is probably one of the most important questions that many would-be-owners of the Jackery Explorer have, (and yes, we have an answer). It is important to note that the Jackery 500 power supply varies depending on the load/s applied to it, and the number of devices that are connected to it at one time. But, for example, the Jackery Explorer will offer 7 hours of continuous power if loaded with a 60 Watt (eg. A small fan) device – pretty respectable for a 500 watt, battery powered generator!

Other examples of battery performance (based on continuous usage):

Smartphone Charges – 53 Charges
Laptop – 7 Charges
LED Light (5Watt) – 45 Hours
CPAP (DC Outlet) – 23-40 Hours
Mini Cooler (60 Watt) – 37 Hours
TV (60 Watt) – 7.5 Hours
Blender (300 Watt) – 6 Hours

As you can see, the Jackery 500 Watt Explorer offers respectable power supply performance at an incredible value. This solar generator has a peak wattage of 1000 W, with a continuous rating of 500 Watts. What does this mean? This means the appliance/s you wish to run with the Jackery Explorer can not be rated over 500 Watts continuous with a peak wattage of no more than 1000 Watts.

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What Can a Jackery 500 Power?

Another very good question. In simple terms, the Jackery Explorer 500 can only power item/s that are rated 500 watts and below. However, this doesn’t mean that you can only power one device at any given time. For example, you’d easily be able to power up an LED light bulb, your cell phone and your laptop all at the same time with relative ease. However, if you plug in a 300 Watt blender while also operating the aforementioned devices at the same time, you might trip the breaker and shut down the unit. Will it run a coffee maker? Unfortunately, no. Most coffee makers require at least 600 watts to operate with a peak wattage of about 1200 Watts. And no, it won’t power your Keurig either (300 watts continuous, with a peak wattage of 1500 Watts).
If you’re disappointed that the Jackery Explorer 500 won’t charge your power-hungry appliances, keep in mind this portable solar generator wasn’t designed and developed to act as a home backup generator. This portable lithium-ion battery generator was designed for powering up smaller, less power-hungry appliances. Perfect for camping or the outdoor enthusiast who are looking to keep the bare essentials powered up during their outdoor excursions.

Jackery Explorer 500 Watt Generator Specifications

Let’s review the Jackery Explorer 500 Watt specs, which are quite impressive.

Battery Specs

  • Battery Capacity: 518 Watt Hours (21.6 Volts, 24 Amp Hours)
  • Battery Lifecycles: More than 500 to 80%
  • Battery Cell Chemistry: Lithium-Ion NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt)
  • Battery Management System: Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection


  • AC Output: 110 VAC, 60 Hz, 500 Watt (1000 Watts Surge/Peak) (1 port)USB-A Output: 5v, 2.4A (3 Ports)
  • Car Output: 12V, 10A (2 ports)
  • DC Output: 12V, 7A
  • DC Input: 12-30V (100 Watt Max)
  • Recharge Specs
  • AC Adapter: 7.5 Hours
  • 12 Volt Car Adapter: 16 Hours
  • 100 Watt Solar Panel: 9.5 Hours

General Specs

  • Unit Weight: 13.32 Lbs (6 kg)
  • Size (LxWxD): 11.8×7.6×9.2 inches (30.1×19.3×24.2 cm)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 14 to 104 Degrees F (-10 to 40 Degrees C)
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Accessories: Jackery SolarSaga 100 Watt Solar Panel
  • Charging Times
  • 7.5 Hours using an AC Wall Outlet
  • 16 Hours using 12V Vehicle Outlet
  • 9.5 Hours using the Jackery 100 Watt Solar Panel (with full sun exposure)

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Jackery Explorer 500 Watt – Final Review

The Jackery 500 Watt solar charger was never intended to be a full-home backup generator to power major appliances. Instead, it is geared towards those who need a compact, lightweight lithium-ion charging station to power up the small essentials while out camping, or for those who need to power up CPAP machines when the power goes out. Not to say that this solar power generator serves no real purpose – it really does. It keeps a light on in complete darkness and your cell phone and laptop charged up in order to maintain communications when you most need it.

This is a lithium-ion generator meant for the survivalist, and for those who need reliable power when it matters most. The Jackery Explorer 500 is one of the best mid level lithium-ion battery generators on the market. And for less than $500, you can have the piece of mind that you’ll have reliable power when you need it most.

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