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Honda EU7000is Inverter Generator Review

Honda has certainly made a mark in the portable power industry with the introduction of the Honda EU7000is inverter generator. In this review, we’ll take an in depth look at this new 7000 watt powerful and super quiet generator and compare it to similar models on the market today.

The Honda 7000 watt generator is a beast of a unit, as it’s one of the most powerful inverter generators on the market today with the capability to operate as a full fledged home back up generator. It has enough output to power up all your appliances within your house or your RV, while also providing clean enough sine wave power to operate all of your sensitive electronics.

The Honda 7000is was engineered and designed to supply clean off grid power to all electronics and appliances. For a 7000 watt generator, it’s very light and compact, allowing easier transportation to and from the house, RV or the job site.

honda eu7000is specs

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EU7000is Review of Features

The Honda Power Equipment eu7000is inverter generator is loaded with features that very few other manufacturers have to offer. Fuel injection technology allow the 7000is to run extremely fuel efficient while operating at a noise level of just 52 – 58 dBA. This is incredibly quiet compared to some smaller 1000 watt inverter generators. The Honda eu7000 can also run up to 18 hours on just 5.1 gallons of fuel – extremely fuel efficient, even when compared to lower output inverter generators.

Another useful advanced feature is the built in i-Monitor system. This digital display shows the user important information about the performance of the unit, such as the hours of operation, rpm (engine speed), watts output, and even information relating to diagnostics/troubleshooting (trouble/error codes). This is particularly useful for user/shop maintenance should there be any issues with your eu7000.

Honda 7000 Watt Inverter Generator Specs

The high performing Honda eu7000 is packed full of impressive specs and features. The most notable being its high output with the ability to supply clean, reliable power on demand. Let’s have a look at its full list of features and unit specifications below:

• Genuine Honda GX390 Engine (389cc).
• EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Technology.
• 7000 Watts Peak Output, 5500 Watts Continuous Output
• 2 x 125V (20A) GFCI Outlets, 1 x 125V (30A) Locking Plug Outlet, 1 x 125/250V (30A) Locking Outlet.
• I-Monitor Digital Display (Displays performance and troubleshooting/diagnostics data).
• Manual and Electric Start.
• 5.1 Gallon Fuel Tank.
• 6.5 hrs Run Time at 100% Load, 18 Hrs Run Time at 25% Load.
• Super Quiet at 58 dBA at 100% Load, 52 dBA at 25% Load.
• Only 261 pounds.
• 3 Year Warranty (Residential and Commercial).

As you can see, the Honda 7000 watt generator is packed full of impressive specs for 2019, with even more positive user reviews to back it up. Not only is this powerful inverter generator reliable, it also has the features to perform in pretty much any emergency power loss or off grid situation.

honda eu7000is problems toubleshooting

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Pros and Cons of the Honda EU7000 Inverter Generator

You can imagine that there’s not much to report in terms of bad reviews or general downfalls of the eu7000is. However, we’re still inclined to give our point of view regardless. As you could expect, the pros far outweigh the cons, which makes this Honda inverter generator simply a fantastic investment.


• Superior Reliability.
• EFI (Electronic Fuel Delivery – Say goodbye to carburetor issues!)
• Excellent fuel economy.
• Super Quiet (52 – 58 dBA).
• RV Ready.
• Push button (electric) Start.
• Parallel capable.
• Solid 3 Year Warranty (Residential and Commercial).
• I-Monitor Display (Troubleshooting, Error Codes, Problem Solving, Performance Display).
• Hundreds of satisfied customers.


• Higher Price Point ($3000 – $5000)
• Quite Heavy for one person to handle.

The Honda 7000 watt inverter generator is simply no match for its competitors when it comes to reliability. In fact, the same can be said for most of its line of portable generators. Pair this with it’s ability to perform wherever, whenever and this makes the eu7000 simply a fantastic buy!

honda 7000 watt inverter generator

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Why the Honda Power Equipment EU7000is Inverter Generator?

According to most Honda eu7000is reviews, this beast is capable of handling any power loss issue with relative ease. It can handle continuous loads of up to 5500 watts without any trouble for prolonged periods of time – simply a robust, reliable inverter genset.

If you’re looking for a high capacity inverter generator that’s capable enough for a home back-up generator, or simply to supply reliable power to your job site, the 7000is is for you. If you’re an RV owner that’s looking for a dependable inverter generator that’s powerful enough to run all your appliances at the same time (fridge, air conditioner, stove, fan, etc), than we highly recommend the Honda eu7000is.

Bottom line – this Honda 7000 watt inverter generator is simply the best bang for your back if you’re looking for a reliable solution for all of your off grid power needs.

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