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Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator Review

Honda has a brand-new inverter generator for sale on the market this year. The Honda EU2200i companion has now been added to their legendary line up of reliable portable generators. In this review, we’ll compare it the older EU2000i as well as other competing models to see how it matches up. This new Honda 2000 generator has ten percent more power than its aging replacement while also having the capability to power up an RV or any tool on the job site.

Also, with the newly built in 30A outlet, not only is it perfect for the RV or travel camping trailer, this also makes it parallel ready with any other EU2200i inverter generator models. If you’re still relying on your older Honda 2000 watt generator (EU2000i K1 or T1 models), you’ll be happy to know that you can also parallel it up with the new 2200i model to nearly double your power output.

Honda EU2200i Review of New Features

So, what’s new with the EU2200 compared to the older 2000i model? For starters, it delivers more peak and running watts (2200 peak/1800 running). While this doesn’t seem like much, it does allow you to run as many as 2 or 3 additional appliances at the same time compared to the older Honda 2000 watt generator. The 2200i also comes equipped with a 30A 120V outlet, which makes it ready to power up your RV or camper, and if you’re looking for additional power, the Honda EU2200i Companion generator is also parallel ready.

honda eu2200i specs

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The Honda 2200i is also beefed up with a genuine honda commercial series GXR120 motor, providing 121cc of extra displacement to keep up with your additional power demands. This new industrial strength motor is a powerful, reliable motor that will have no problems delivering maximum watts to power up your fridge, AC unit, power tools and more.

Other new features of the EU2200i include; a larger oil fill opening, improved robust design, improved cooling and durability, better fuel economy and a robust 3 year residential and commercial warranty. Overall, the new Honda 2200 watt inverter generator is just a better overall unit compared to its older sibling. And the eu2200i price? Well, let’s just say the little extra compared to the older 2000i but it will be well worth the extra investment.

Honda EU2200i Companion Specs and Performance

The new Honda 2200 watt generator comes with an array of useful new features and specs. Not only will you be able to power up more appliances and sensitive equipment with its new inverter technology, you’ll also have the peace of mind with its improved power plant – the GXR120 engine. This motor was initially designed for commercial construction equipment use, while continuing to deliver excellent fuel efficiency and smooth, reliable power.

The EU2200i also comes with a full line of additional features and specs as outlined below:

EU2200i Companion Specs

  • Commercial Grade Honda GXR120, 121cc Engine.
  • 2200 watts Peak Power (18.3A), 1800 watts Continuous Power (15A).
  • 30A 125V Locking Plug/20A 125V Receptacle.
  • 12V DC Outlet.
  • ECO Throttle System for increased fuel efficiency.
  • Integrated inverter technology.
  • Parallel Capable.
  • Fuel Shut Off (For Maintenance and Storage).
  • Low Oil Shut Off.
  • USDA Qualified Spark Arrestor and Muffler.
  • Manual Recoil Starting System.
  • .95 Gallon Fuel Capacity.
  • 2 Hours Run Time at Rated Load, 8.1 Hours Run Time at 25% Load.
  • 57 dBA at Rated Load, 48 dBA at 25% Load (Super Quiet!).
  • 5 Lbs (Pounds)
  • 3 Year Residential/Commercial Warranty.

As you can see, the EU2200i Companion is full of impressive specs and features that many of its competitors fail to match.

honda eu2200i manuals and accessories

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What’s the Difference Between the Honda EU2200i vs EB2200i?

There are two Honda 2000 watt generators that seem virtually identical aside from their model name. What’s the difference between the EU2200i and the EB2200i? Well, at first glance, they both seem to offer the exact same in terms of performance, power output and fuel efficiency. But when we dig a little deeper, their differences become clear.

The EB2000i was introduced by Honda as their go-to inverter generator for the job site. In order to meet OSHA safety requirements and to allow it on worksites, it had to offer GFCI protection on the 120V outlets (neutral circuit bonded to frame). The EU2200i has a floating neutral circuit on the 120V outlets which makes it non-compliant for OHSA safety requirements.

The other differences are; the EU2200i is parallel ready while the EB2200i is not and the EB2000 does not have a 12V DC outlet. Other than these differences, these two Honda 2000 generators are virtually identical in nature.

Pros and Cons of the EU2200i

As you can imagine, the pros always far outweigh the cons when talking about any honda portable generator. That’s not saying that the honda 2200i is not without its faults, but at the same time, it’s very hard to pick apart any quality piece of equipment as reliable and functional as this one.

Saying that, here’s our list of pros and cons for the Honda EU2200i Companion:


  • Extremely reliable, as most Honda generators are!
  • Powerful motor (121cc – largest in class for 2000 watt inverter generators).
  • Fuel efficient (also, best in class – especially in ECO mode).
  • Super clean power delivery with its inverter technology.
  • Easy to maintain (improve oil change capability and winterizing).
  • More power (extra 200 watts compared to the EU2000i).
  • Very quiet (48 – 57 dBA).
  • 3 Year Residential and Commercial Warranty.


  • Honda EU2200i Price is higher than most competitors.
  • No hour meter or fuel gauge.

Even at a price tag of over $1000, the EU2200i is still a great buy, considering its unparalleled reliability. When you buy a Honda eu2200i, you also have a good number of accessories to choose from and service manuals are also easy to find also.

honda eu2200i price

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Conclusion: Is the Honda EU2200i Worth the Price?

If you can look past the price and lack of fuel gauge and hour meter, this Honda 2000 watt generator is well worth it. Reliability and durability is king when it comes to generator off grid power when you need it the most, and the EU2200i sure fits the bill here. There’s no better way to generate electricity when quietly and affordably when you’re camping or on the job site. Even better, if you pair up 2 of these reliable generators, you’ll also have the ability to power up your house or RV.

But, don’t take our word for it – user reviews on Amazon and all over the web will absolutely agree that the Honda EU2200i Companion is likely the best portable inverter generator among its competitors.

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