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How To Convert a Gas Powered Generator to Natural Gas

Converting your gasoline powered generator to natural gas not only helps save you money on fuel, it also helps the environment while prolonging the life of your portable generator. So, can you convert a gas powered generator to natural gas? While some people may say “no!” due to safety issues, it absolutely can be done. Using the right safety equipment, tools and precautions, converting from gasoline to natural gas is actually very simple and quite cheap.

how to convert a gas generator to natural gas

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Why would you want to convert your portable generator from gasoline to natural gas in the first place? Well, let’s explore some of the pros and cons below.

Pros and Cons of Converting Your Portable Generator to Natural Gas


• Increased fuel Savings.
• Helps the environment (natural gas burns cleaner, less emissions).
• Prolongs the life of your generator’s engine.
• Quite inexpensive to perform.
• Abundance of natural gas and cheap to buy.


• Safety can be an issue (natural gas leaks).
• Access to natural gas in your geographic location.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons, which is why many people are deciding to convert their gasoline powered generators considering the safety risks.

portable generator natural gas lpg conversion kit

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Do You Have a Natural Gas Supply to Your House?

Another main reason why converting to natural gas is ideal, is when emergency situations arise (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc) and you experience complete power loss for an extended period of time. Just having a gasoline powered generator may not cut it (unless you happen to have a 50 gallon drum of gasoline in your garage, which is highly unlikely). When the power is out, so are the gas pumps. In this case, when the supply of gasoline is limited, how would you power your generator?
Most households in the north (colder climates) are fortunate enough to have a continued supply of natural gas via a gas line directly to their homes. This allows them to operate their furnaces, water heaters and cooking stoves – and they never have to worry about supply issues , even when there’s a power outage. The same holds true for natural gas powered generators – if the power goes out, you’ll continue to have an unlimited supply of natural gas to all of your appliances – including your portable generator.

How to Convert Your Gas Powered Generator to Natural Gas

There are many kits available online that make easy work out of converting your gasoline powered portable generator to natural gas a snap. These natural gas conversion kits range in price, but are very easy to install. If you’re not comfortable performing the conversion yourself, we suggest you call a pipefitter to do the install for you. After performing the conversion kit install, you’ll have a generator that can run on gasoline, propane or natural gas (dual/tri fuel generator).

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Have a look at the video below to learn how to install a natural gas conversion kit on your portable generator:

15 thoughts on “How To Convert a Gas Powered Generator to Natural Gas”

  1. Sorry but the video does not show how to convert a gasoline generator to a duel fuel natural gas generator. I was expecting a video on the total install from beginning to end. Meaning take apart carburetor etc to installation of natural gas regulator.

    • 20-25 psi is ideal. You would be fine with a bit less or a bit more. I wouldn’t recommend tapping into the feed to your water heater.

    • The engine may produce less power, but the generator will not produce less electricity. The power loss by switching to natural gas will be barely noticeable.

    • No, the generator will not produce less power when run on natural gas. It may require more fuel to operate while under load, but it will not produce less electricity overall.

  2. Which conversion kit would you recommend for my Sportman 7,500/6,000 dual fuel generator? Generator is for propane and gasoline but I have a natural gas line at home.

  3. I own a Westinghouse Wgen9500 and bought a natural gas conversion kit. I’ve noticed that Westinghouse says that will void their warranty. Has anyone else come across that?

    • Yes it will void the manufacturer warranty. However, there is very little risk of damage involved when converting the Wgen9500 to natural gas, if done properly.


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