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Coleman CG3500i 3000 Watt Inverter Generator Review

The Coleman CG3500i 3000 watt inverter generator may be the most affordable and powerful unit among its competitors. In this review, we aim to discover how the CG3500i stacks up with the competition. There’s plenty of 3000 watt inverter generators to choose from, across a wide price range and with varying list of features and specs. The Coleman 3000 watt inverter generator doesn’t have some of the top end features that it’s Yamaha or Honda cousins are fortunate of having, but it still has list of features that make this i-gen well worth the money.

Aside from fuel efficiency and quietness in operation, power and dependability are important factors when buying a portable generator. In terms of performance, nothing beats the  Coleman CG3500i inverter generator for its additional 500 surge power watts to run a wider variety larger appliances and power tools. The Coleman CG3500i is a reliable and instant power source for appliances like an RV air conditioner, refrigerators, freezers, electric skillet – even a garage door opener.

coleman cg3500i inverter generator review

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Its 149.5cc 4 Stroke OHC engine runs efficiently while  its 1.5 gallon tank provides 3.1 hours of continuous run time at 100% load and up to 4.2 hours at 50% load. Easy start up  is made available through a recoil start with auto volt regulation. Its engine speed is optimized according to power demand with an economy switch system.  Safety and security are ensured by the Coleman 3500i’s AC/DC overload protection feature, high temperature control, a low oil indictor, and automatic engine shut-off.   Two (2) 120V AC  and one (1) 12V 4A DC outlets are included to make it compatible with sensitive electronics  and other appliances.

Coleman CG3500i – Perfect for Outdoor Adventures!

For campsites, trailers, RVs, and tailgating, this lightweight portable generator is a perfect adventure partner. Batteries only last so long when back country camping or off grid – the CG3500i packs enough power to keep all your batteries charged and your appliances running simultaneously in the travel trailer or RV.

Weighing only 70 pounds, it can be easliy and conveniently moved around. And just because the Coleman CG3500i is a hard-working unit, it doesn’t mean you have to hear it. At 63db from 23ft, this reliable machine provides extra quiet operation so the neighbors will not get annoyed by its sound in the middle of the night. Further, its engine speed conforms to the amount of load required of it. Not only does its output adjust according to use, sound level is also reduced so as not to disturb people or animals who may be nearby – a great choice for the outdoors due to its quiet operation and low emissions. 

coleman cg3500i inverter generator specifications

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  • Starting watt: 3500W
  • Running watt: 3000W
  • Maximum output 1200w with 1000w continuous output
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Engine: Forced Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, OHC
  • 5cc Displacement
  • Noise Level: 63dB@23ft.
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.7L
  • Oil Capacity: .9L
  • Rated Voltage: 100/120/230/240
  • DC Output: 12V 8.3A, 12V 4A
  • AC Socket/DC Socket: Two 120V/One DC 4A

With all these features, enjoy the safety and security of keeping your home and RV running, despite any power outage. The Coleman CG3500i offers features such as fuel efficiency, quiet operation, portability, compact and lightweight design, and excellent performance – for an incredibly low price.  Best of all, the Coleman CG3500i  3000 watt inverter generator has enough power to operate all of your major appliances while off grid.

Pros and Cons of the Coleman CG3500i


  • Powerful and easy to use – maximum output 3500W with 3000W continuous output.
  • Very affordable compared to similar models.
  • Includes economy switch which optimizes engine speed according to power demand.
  • Safe and functional – built-in overload protection and low-oil indicator with automatic engine shut-off.
  • Perfect for campsites, cabins, RVs, trailers, tailgating and more
  • Long lasting run time of 3.1 hours at 100% load for 4.2 hours @ 50% load
  • Extra quiet operation – Only 58Db noise level at 23ft
  • Rated voltage 100/120/230/240V. DC output 12V 8.3A.


  • No parallel capability.
  • Higher than average reported quality issues.
  • Does not come with a long extensive warranty and also has less service centers nationwide.

coleman cg3500i inverter generator travel trailer

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Coleman CG3500i Review – An Excellent Choice for Back Up Power to Your Home, Business or RV!

Most 3000 watt inverter generator can run you as much as $1,000 or more. At a less expensive price of between $499.00–$699.99, the CG3500i is quite a bargain. While the Coleman CG3500i does lack a few features (parallel capability, electric start, etc), it does make up for it in performance. With 500 extra watts of surge power, this powerful little inverter generator can even handle larger air conditioners!

No matter how long and frequent you experience power outages, you can enjoy the assurance of continuous use of lights and appliances with the Coleman CG 3500i.  It is the excellent choice for backup power source to run your basic items so your life can keep running, even during a power outage. Overall, the Coleman CG 3500i inverter generator model sets the bar high for inverter generators in its class!

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