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Atima AY3000i Inverter Generator Review

Many people are usually unprepared for disruptions caused by power blackouts and disruptions. The impact that outages can have on people’s lives can be costly. Some power failures not only last for a few hours, they can last for days or even weeks. In these power loss situations, a powerful inverter generator can provide enough power to power essential items to live comfortably until the power returns. If you’re a camping or RV enthusiast who happens to be looking for a quiet but powerful portable inverter generator while off grid, the Atime ay3000i inverter generator is definitely worth a look!

This Atima AY3000i inverter generator review will help you decide if this quality unit is for you. We’ll also compare it to other similar units to help you make an informed buying decision.

atima ay3000i inverter generator review

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For those looking for a powerful rated 2600 watts (max. 3000 watts) portable inverter generator, the Atima AY3000i is among the best engines in the world. If an air conditioner is used to cool your trailer, no need to look any further. The AY 3000i is powerful enough to run equipment such as oil or gas furnace fans and 13500 BTU AV Air Conditioners.

Oftentimes, you may want to take your family off to experience the true greatness of the outdoors. Oftentimes,campsites have no access to any electrical supply. So a reliable travel trailer generator is ultimately necessary.  Most people try to cut down on spending their money on a higher-powered generator, but if you want to run an air conditioner, then you should aim to get a generator with at least 3000 starting watts. Travel trailer gives you the freedom to vacation anywhere you want.  If you choose the AY AY3000i generator for your RV or travel trailer, you have the peace of mind owning an emergency backup power supply that you can also use in your home during a power outage.

Atima ay3000i Inverter Generator Review 2018

For home owners, it is ideal generator since it can power kitchen appliances such as: blender, coffee maker, slow cooker, standard microwave oven, Energy Star refrigerators or freezers. Further, the Atima AY3000I can run several appliances: incandescent lights, portable fan, TV/DVD, computer, two-way radio, garage door opener, and hair dryer.

atima ay3000i inverter generator specifications

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The AY3000i is designed with a LED display, multiple utility outlets, aluminum alloy body, an ergonomic design, and high end durable wheels, because design is utmost priority for  convenient transportation. To increase available power, any model in the Atima family can be connected to all outlets which are parallel ready.

Atima 3000 Watt is a Versatile Inverter Generator

Appliances or tools have a start-up load, otherwise called the surge power that is considerably higher than its operating output. Atima inverters can go up to 2.5 times their operating output, while the industry averages 1.5-2.0 times. Thus, the Atima is capable of powering a wider variety of electronics than its competitors. AY3000i generators provide the continuous electricity needed to safely operate sensitive electronics. Whether working on a major home improvement projects or camping outdoors to enjoy nature, the Atima AY3000i is an innovatively designed generator that assures years of excellent performance.

ATIMA AY3000i – Powered by Yamaha Engine

People want to know their generator is going last and be reliable before spending their money on buying a generator. Combining the world-class performance of a genuine Yamaha engine with an award-winning design, the AY3000i is powerful inside as it is handsome-looking on the outside. The Atima is among the top of the line – quality and durability is guaranteed with the Yamaha engine. For years, Yamaha is known for high performance as well as low maintenance requirements despite continual heavy use of its equipment over generations.  With the Atima AY3000i, you get your money’s worth for the value!

atima ay3000i generator features

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  • AC Rated output: 2600 watts, max 3000 watts
  • 5x peak power
  • Single cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke, gasoline engine
  • Starting System: Recoil Fuel Tank
  • Capacity:1.6 Gallon
  • Fuel type: Unleaded Gasoline
  • Running time: 8.6 hours @1/4 load, 3.5 hrs. @ rated load
  • Electrical circuit breaker
  • 120V AC output GFCI socket: 2 120V AC
  • 68 dB(a) at 7 meters @ 1/4 load

The Atima AY3000i package includes the following: cable for 12V battery charging, tool kits for maintenance, 1 bottle Oil (19oz), spark plug, sleeve, warranty card, and manual. Comes with a two (2) year limited warranty Atima Power provides local warranty service and aftermarket support in the US.

Pros and Cons Of The Atima AY3000i 


  •  High starting load and constant power supply .
  • Award-winning design  .
  • Has an aluminum alloyed body frame.
  • Parallel ready with a USB outlet, GFCI outlet, 12V DC/8A.
  • Super quiet, you can hold a conversation right next to it.
  • Easy maintenance cover, easy oil access.
  • Recessed front panel LED light, LCD screen.
  • Capable of starting most 13500BTU RV Air Conditioners.
  • Weighs less than other 3000 watt generators.
  • Lightweight and protable at only 35kg (net weight) or 90.8 pounds.
  • Easy to move with its wheels, built-in handle, and accessible design.
  • Features a low oil indicator, smart throttle and an overload protection.


  • Costs more than other 3000 watt inverter generators, price is close to $2,000.

atima 3000 watt inverter generator yamaha

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Atima AY3000i  – The Ultimate 3000 Watt Portable Generator

In comparison to the Yamaha EU 3000i and EF3000iSEB 3000 watt inverter generators, the Atima AY3000i is less the price and costs about a little less than $2,000. Inverter generators are costly, making buying an inverter generator a big and careful decision to make. Getting an Atima AY 3000i will ensure that you have a quality generator for years to come. Whether it’s for a travel trailer, RV, home, or outdoor business, the Atima AY3000i is a very smart investment.

Being an industry leader, Atima stands firm in providing high quality generators for the consumer and industrial markets. The Atima AY3000i is distinguished as one of the attractive generators with its aluminum alloyed body, sleek and ergonomic design. Humility aside, the Altima is astonishingly simple and unproblematic to operate. Once running, almost everyone who can use a standard electrical outlet will be able to enjoy a much longer-lasting generator over battery-powered or propane generators.  No one has been disappointed by its durability and reliability!  Overall, the AY3000i is one of the best generators available today.

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