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About Us

PortableGenerators360.com is all about portable power! Whether you’re looking for a portable generator for work, home, camping or RV needs, we have the most recent, comprehensive reviews and portable power products for 2018 on the web! We don’t just focus on fossil fuel powered generators, either. Here you’ll find the most technologically advanced¬† portable power generators that are environmentally friendly as well! The types of power generators we focus on are…

  • Inverter Generators
  • Backup Generators
  • Dual Fuel Generators
  • Tri Fuel Generators
  • Propane Powered Generators
  • Natural Gas Generators
  • Diesel Powered Generators
  • Portable Hydro Generators
  • Solar Generators
  • Wind Generators
  • …and many more!

How do we review our products? Well, we start out by searching the internet for the most popular generators and take the time to read legitimate customer reviews left for each product using a variety of popular website. We then use these reviews to guage the product’s value, reliability, popularity and durability over time. We also test some of the products personally by purchasing and using select models over a period of at least a few months. We then use our overall experience with the product to write up an honest review, based on our experience.

Our goal is to arm you with as much information as possible before purchasing your next portable generator. Buying a generator is after all a very important purchase. Not only are they expensive, they need to be reliable and durable when it matters most!

We thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions about our website or the products listed within it, please feel free to get in touch with us.

All the best,

The PortableGenerators360.com Family

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